An Artistic Journey Into the Physics of Light

Researchers’ Night of the University of Sheffield, Friday 30th September 6pm-9pm, Firth Court, Sheffield, UK

“An Artistic Journey into the Physics of Light” is an exhibition of artworks inspired by the research activity currently undergoing at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Sheffield.

The aim of this art exhibition is to accompany the participants of the Festival of the Mind on a journey that shows how art and scientific research are complementary approaches to interpret the same reality. To show how art is both a way to expose the inner beauty of scientific discoveries, and a bridge to approach physics and astronomy, often perceived as distant and inaccessible, from a different and more suggestive perspective.

Samantha Bryan, Gareth Jones, and Sharon Mossbeck, three artists working in Sheffield, have been invited to interact with members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy that are currently investigating topics related with light. After an initial period of discussion, four themes have been identified: “Generating Light”, “Harnessing Light”, “Computing with Light” and “Beyond Light”. The artists engaged with these themes and created a series of artworks inspired by them and by images of the research activities currently undergoing at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.